Ignite your company’s potential
“I discovered in Armand a big sense of understanding and the capability to jump quickly over steps to see much further.” Armand, I have to say this because it is true.  Bonne continuation Sam.

Sam Syamak Bavafa, CEO and General Manager Domaine.fr

“Armand did an excellent job driving real revenue and increased top line results within our organization. He achieved these results by completely re-energizing our sales team and teaching our people a 180 degree change to the existing sales approach. Armand has mastered the complex sale by understanding how to increase customers’ awareness of their business issues by actively managing the decision process.  Armand’s entrepreneurial thinking, relationship building, laser-focus on top-line results, technology market knowledge and unique ability to motivate high performance teams are the reasons behind my unqualified recommendation of him.”

Jeff Siderman, CPA, Controller TechWeb, a division of UBM (FTSEE 500 company)

"I worked with Armand over multiple years as a client when he was heading sales in the Digital Media industry. I consistently found him to be a consummate professional, able to navigate complex and challenging sales situations. He knew how to structure a deal so that both he and I could always come away as winners, creating a long lasting and effective business relationship. I can highly recommend him."

Kevin Klingler, President & CEO, SmartSound Software, Inc.

“Unlike many others, I have known Armand since childhood. He was a NBS: a Natural Born Salesman, plunged in a class of mathematicians and technical students. Ever since graduating, Armand has coached the heads of our luxury divisions in revenue generation matters including optimizing sales revenues and customer management Throughout my years as CEO of various luxury brands, I have called upon him to help me sharpen the skills of my sales teams. Together, we have devised ingenious schedules & schemes such as additional sales programs, after-sales turnaround commissions, after-hours sales bonuses, and a vast variety of incentives to motivate the troops on qualitative achievements such as consumer satisfaction, sell-out ratios and reorder rates. I have no reservation in recommending Armand as an outstanding coach, consultant and magician in all sales related matters.”

Alexis Sarkissian MBA, CEO Totally Worth It, LLC. Former CEO The Richemont group

"I worked with Armand for several years as a client when he was heading Sales for CMP. I found him to be straightforward, personable, and most importantly, trustworthy. He will do what he says and keep his word on deliverables and deadlines, and can put together business deals so everyone wins. I recommend him without hesitation." 

Philip Lew, President & CEO, XBOSoft Ltd.

“Armand is the most focused sales executive I’ve worked with. He was responsible for driving revenues within our group, holding our top line steady during a time of steep market decline. He is passionate about technology and its potential to reshape how businesses reach their customers. He has a natural talent for building client relationships and an entrepreneur’s instinct for developing effective sales strategies across multiple business units that translate into sales. I highly recommend him”.

Dominic Milano, Principal, Dominic Milano & Company

 “Working within the consumer and professional imaging groups of Canon U.S.A., Inc.  I’ve been petitioned by and worked with numerous executives that have provided services to our company. Armand Der-Hacobian stands out as a progressive leader in business development.  As a sales and marketing executive, he’s intelligent, an excellent collaborator, and a proven problem solver.  He successfully developed and maintained relationships within Canon helping guide our marketing activities to target buyers that resulted in volume, share and revenue gains.”

Michael Zorich, Advisor Video Marketing, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

“We worked with Armand over multiple years when he was Heading Sales for CMP’s Digital Video Group.  We found him to be a knowledgeable professional in the growing Digital Video Market. He helped us with advertising ideas to allow us to get our message across. He also knew how to structure deals so that we would get the right return on our investment, creating a long lasting and effective business relationship. We highly recommend him.”

Joseph Lefkowitz, Director of Purchasing B&H Photo Video (#1 online electronics store with > $100 million in annual sales revenue which surpasses Amazon.com, Costco.com and Circuitcity.com)

“In my numerous business dealings with Armand over the years, I've experienced his uncanny ability to quickly grasp our business challenges and the positioning of our products in the marketplace. He was able to steer through the difficult  process between our advertising team and the ad agency to progress innovative media programs that we approved and implemented.  Armand is a professional of the highest standards and always does what he says he will do.  I give him my highest recommendation.”

Rick Booth, Director, Brand Management, Corporate Communications Division, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

"On a number of occasions, I had the privilege of consulting with Armand Der-Hacobian. I was impressed with Armand's deep understanding of the software Industry as a whole and the Web 2.0 space in particular. That understanding, combined with Armand's outstanding people skills, makes Armand much more than a Sales Management Consultant, but someone who can successfully move a product/service in the right direction. I highly recommend Armand.”

Alexander E. Strunkin, MBA, Lead Developer and Project Manager, Rateitall.com

“I worked with Armand over a number of years when we were trying to re-engineer our entire sales processes at MPN and CMP. Most of all, I remember his immensely infectious enthusiasm and energy, which combined with his huge knowledge of sales processes, made for a powerful combination. I really enjoyed working with Armand and we made a great deal of headway at that time. I would definitely work with him again and can highly recommend him.”

Louise Rogers, CEO, TSL Education

“It was my pleasure working with Armand. He is smart, professional and has excellent networking & sales skills. I look forward to working with Armand again.”

Eran Barak, SVP, Global Head of Marketing & Strategy, Collaboration Services, Thomson Reuters 

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