Revenue generation is the lifeblood of any organization. However, most organizations and investors spend little time, efforts or monies building, monitoring and optimizing their revenue generation structure. Worse, they either take no action when they suspect a problem with their sales structure or they use “band-aid” fixes1.

In up markets, organizations seldom track whether revenue generation is the result of the market, brand awareness and positioning or specific sales initiatives. In other words, no one knows how much revenue is the result of passive “order taking” or active “prospecting” followed by skilled “closing.”

In down and flat markets, struggling organizations start to question their sales strategies and team structure. 

Successful companies don’t wait for down and flat markets to take action. They regularly analyze their revenue generation structure. 

Let SPARK provide you with an independent and candid assessment of your revenue generation structure.  We will get to the root cause of your revenue generation problems, resolve them 
and position your company for growth and success.

 1. IDC, Why Your Sales Enablement Isn’t Working, April 2009 by Lee Levitt 

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