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Armand Der-Hacobian started his career in 1988 selling Options on Futures. He went on to co-found H.I.R.C., a Health Software Start-up where he led sales. Armand was then recruited by technology media company Miller-Freeman, the US Division of United Business Media (a FTSE 500 company) where he quickly rose through the ranks by turning around underperforming divisions and launching new domestic and international profit centers. Armand held sales executive positions of increasing responsibilities: West Coast Sales Manager, East Coast Sales Manager, National Sales Manager, Sales Director. Miller Freeman eventually acquired CMP Media, another Technology Media company, where Armand continued as Head of Sales. In 2008, Armand joined a publicly traded software start-up, Right People Technologies, as VP of Sales and built the entire sales structure of the company from scratch before striking on his own in 2009.

Armand holds a J.D. from the University of California, Hastings. He met his military obligations by serving as an officer in the French Army. He is the recipient of France’s National Defense Medal. Armand lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter. He serves on several business and non-profit boards. He’s an avid tennis player.
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